Hi, I'm Bhanuka, a software developer from planet Earth.
By day, I'm a full-stack developer, and by night, I'm an enthusiast on many things including programming languages, text editors, compilers.

Emacs as a Time Tracker

I have tried many tools and techniques to track time. Tracking time helps me organize a bit better and manage my time better. I have tried things like spreadsheets, different utility Apps, but nothing stuck more than a couple of days. The good news is since I switched to Emacs recently, it opened me up to the world of org-mode, which has been pretty useful lately. But before getting to the good stuff I'll list down some of the stuff that I've tried in the past....

September 11, 2021

Vim to Lisp to Emacs

TLDR: I was happily using vim (neovim), then one day I discovered Lisp,a week later I switched to Emacs I had been using vim since 2017. At the first I had vscode as a backup for when I had to do some major code refactoring, but around mid 2020, I decided to go fully vim and never turned back, until one day… A Vim Confession Although I had been using vim to a religious level, I felt the need for something more rich from time to time....

August 23, 2021


This is something I wanted to do for a long time, so, finally I decided to write an actual blog, a place where I'll write about things I'm interested in. But why? Lately I have been exploring a lot of interesting things (interesting for me, of course), I need some way to get them out of my system, so I can sleep at night 😊. Also, I switched to Emacs, and discovered my love for Org Mode, yes I'm writing this blog posts on org files....

August 23, 2021